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Educational qualification Ph.D. The New School for Social Research
M.A. Georg-August-University Goettingen

Tim Rosenkranz received his PhD in Sociology from The New School in 2019. He further has an MA in Political Science from the Georg-August-University in Goettingen/Germany (2005). His research focuses on the study of organizations as sites and professionals as actors social, cultural, and economic change. He has conducted ethnographic field research in India and the USA that examined: 1.) How the processes of destination marketing constitute the commodification of the nation in global markets of tourism; 2.) How economic crisis and technological innovation transform relations of production and employment in freelance journalism. His current research project explores the practices, economy, and crisis of privileged mobility and the ambiguities of place-making in Hong Kong.


Research Interests:

Crisis and transition, work and organizations, media and economy, global connections of nationalism


Geographical Areas of Research:

USA, India, Hong Kong


Courses Taught:

ANTH5390 Economy, Culture and Power

ANTH2540/UGEC2665 Social Media and Culture


Grants and Awards

  • SASE Early Career Scholar Award, Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (2019)
  • National Science Foundation (USA) Dissertation Improvement Grant #1401064 (2014 – 2015)




Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Rosenkranz, Tim (2019). “From Contract to Speculation: New Relations of Work and Production in the Field of Travel Journalism.” Work, Employment & Society 33 (4): 613-630.


Rosenkranz, Tim (2016). “Becoming Entrepreneurial: Crisis, Ethics and Marketization in the Field of Travel Journalism.” Poetics 54 (1): 54-65.


Other Publications:

Rosenkranz, Tim (2015). “Winter is Coming for Refugees in Germany: On the humanity vs. the organization of refuge.” Public Seminar (October 28): https://publicseminar.org/2015/10/winter-is-coming-for-refugees-in-germany



Selected Conference Presentations


2019 “Circuits of Commodification: Imagination and Evaluation in National Destination

           Marketing,” American Sociological Association, Annual Meeting + Society for the

           Advancement of Socio-Economics, Early Career Workshop


2018                                                                                                                             “Beyond Global Experts: Local Experts and Expertise in Globalization Processes,”

          American Sociological Association, Annual Meeting


2018 “National Imagination as Fictitious Commodity: Local Evaluation in Global Markets of National Destination Marketing,” 5th International Market Studies Workshop, Copenhagen Business School


2017  “Marketing the (Desti-)Nation: Relations of Speculation, Brokerage and Translation,”

          Consumers & Consumption @ Yale Symposium


2016  “Global Organization and Local Experts: Boundary Production in National

        Destination Marketing,” American Sociological Association, Annual Meeting

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