The undergraduate programme focuses on social and cultural anthropology, and archaeology. Course content covers the principles and methodology of anthropology, ethnographic studies of China, Hong Kong and the world, and contemporary issues. In the first and second years, students acquire a general training in anthropology, and in the third and fourth years, their knowledge and fieldwork skills are consolidated by a large number of elective courses, enabling students to pursue their own interests within the discipline, as well as with their own final-year project, in which they work closely with a professor to undertake an ethnographic project of their own choosing. Download our programme brochure here. Download our programme brochure here.

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of their studies, students will have learned the essentials of anthropology, including ethnographic examinations of different societies, anthropology’s various subfields, including archeology, and also anthropological theory and research methods. On this basis they will be able to conduct their own research projects that apply anthropological ideas to understand a broad range of sociocultural phenomena.

Through their training in anthropology, students will:

  1. understand the world’s cultural diversity and human universals;
  2. know anthropology’s subfields, and be able to think using their ideas;
  3. know and be able to think using data and methods from archaeology;
  4. comprehend and be able to apply different theories explaining sociocultural phenomena;
  5. be able to design and carry out different projects using anthropological tools and perspectives; and
  6. be able, using anthropological modes of understanding, to think critically and perceptively about one’s society and the world.

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