MA Programme

The goal of the programme is to teach students the basic theories and methods of social and cultural anthropology and to give them a broad understanding of anthropology’s different topics. Students will learn to develop their abilities of critical, independent and creative thinking in analyzing contemporary social and political issues, and understanding the diversity of human cultures and societies.

A key feature and major advantage of the Programme is that students are able to take courses that fit their background and interest. For example, foreign students can concentrate on Chinese society and culture, while students working in museums can concentrate on the anthropology of tourism, museums, archaeology, and other areas relevant to their work. 

The M.A. programme is a taught degree designed for people who would like to receive a formal education in anthropology. An undergraduate degree in anthropology is not required. Work experience is desirable, so that students can better relate coursework to their profession. Candidates with a strong background in social sciences may wish to concentrate on one of the Department’s specializations such as the Anthropology of East Asia or Ethnicity and Identity. 

Graduates of the MA Programme in Anthropology are expected to:

  1. comprehend anthropology’s subfields and range of topics;
  2. understand the different theories that explain human cultural and societal diversity and complexity;
  3. understand in some depth the major findings and research in areas of anthropology that suit particular students’ individual interests. These areas include (a) archaeology and cultural heritage, (b) tourism and cultural representation, (c) globalization, economy and power, (d) culture and human relations, (e) Chinese cultures and societies, (f) values, beliefs and worldviews, (g) food, health and the body, and (h) anthropological and ethnographic methods; and;
  4. be able to use anthropological ways of thinking to analyze critically, independently and creatively cultural, social and political issues past and present.

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