MA Programme

Anthropology studies the diversity of human cultures and societies across time and space. As such, the study of anthropology gives students the intellectual tools and marketable skills to engage with our increasingly multicultural and globalizing world. Graduates of our department have entered a wide range of professional careers including museum and heritage, arts and cultural organizations, business and technology, tourism, media, film, community organizing, education, etc.

The MA Programme introduces students to anthropological perspectives, theories, methods, and practices. For each course, you will attend lectures that will be delivered by teachers with expertise on a subject, as well as tutorials in which you will be presenting and discussing ideas from the readings and the lectures (no tutorials for the required courses).

Among the many things that you will have accomplished by the end of the program, some key learning outcomes include:

  • You will be introduced to the history of anthropological theories through the study of classic and contemporary works.
  • You will learn to think critically from a cross-cultural and historical perspective.
  • You will acquire the intellectual tools to engage with a range of contemporary social and political issues.
  • You will develop the capacity to envision different possibilities for thinking, acting, and feeling!

MA students get involved in all of our department activities: Friday seminars, postgraduate student forum, field trips, department meetings, and department parties throughout the year!

Download the MA Prorgamme brochure here.

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