Recommended Background Readings

The following readings are a guide to help students become familiar with some of the major subfields of anthropology. It is merely an introductory reading list.

Bonvillain, Nancy
2001 Women and Men: The Cultural Constructs of Gender (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Erickson, Paul A. and Liam D. Murphy, eds.
2001 Readings for a History of Anthropological Theory. Peterborough, Ont.: Broadview Press.

Eriksen, Thomas Hylland
2001 Ethnicity and Nationalism: Anthropological Perspectives (2nd ed.). London: Pluto Press.

Geertz, Clifford
1973 The Interpretation of Cultures: selected essays. New York: Basic Books.

Lambek, Michael, ed.
2002 A Reader in the Anthropology of Religion. Malden, MA: Blackwell.

Lewellen, Ted. C.
1992 Political Anthropology: An Introduction (2nd ed.). Westport, CT: Bergin and Garvey.

Moore, Jerry D.
1997 Visions of Culture: An Introduction to Anthropological Theories and Theorists. Walnut Creek, CA: Alta Mira Press.

Renfrew, Colin, and Paul Bahn
1999 Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice (3rd ed.). London: Thames and Hudson.

Salzman, Zdenak
1998 Language, Culture and Society: An Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology (2nd ed.). Boulder: Westview Press.

Stone, Linda
2000 Kinship and Gender: An Introduction (2nd ed.) Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Wilk, Richard R.
1996 Economies and Cultures: Foundations of Economic Anthropology. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.

Students may also wish to consult:

Barfield, Thomas
1997 The Dictionary of Anthropology. Oxford: Blackwell.

Bernard, Alan, and Jonathan Spencer, eds.
1996 Encyclopedia of Social and Cultural Anthropology. London: Routledge.

Borofsky, Robert, ed.
1994 Assessing Cultural Anthropology. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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