On Indie Music, Freedom and Resonance

21 September 2022

In this episode, anthropologist Ju-Chen Chen, former senior lecturer at the Department of Anthropology, CUHK, talks about her recent research on independent music. She explores how the musicians live a life not aiming at capital accumulation. Instead, they make use of music to create “sonic moments” that connect people and lead to a sense of freedom. Ju-chen also touches on how to exit the research field, and the linkage between her research and her own path in anthropology. Lastly, she shares a song Kite by Taiwanese singer Misa (米莎) to express her feelings before leaving Hong Kong.

(This episode is conducted in Mandarin.)


00’38 Becoming curious about indie music

14’50 Do people make music to change the world?

38’11 How to exit the field

42’30 Pursuing versus Becoming












夏天 南風

你放長了線 要我輕鬆去飛


你說 不怕 慢慢的起

你說 不怕 緩緩的去

有時風大  你怕線沒綁牢

有時無風  又掛心我會跌落


我說 不怕 放手讓我去

我說 不怕 記得回家的老路

風大的時候 隨風高飛

風停的時候 就回來看你

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