Anthropology and Gender Studies - Queer Women's Family Building in China

11 November 2022

With the maturity of New Reproductive Technologies and the change of family concept, procreation is no longer limited to the heterosexual model of family. Zhong Xinle is an MPhil student in Gender Studies, CUHK, affiliating with the Department of Anthropology, CUHK. Her thesis studies the family-building of Chinese queer women, and how they adopt different strategies to cope with the constraints of their families and mainstream society. In thie episode, she also shares her experience working in a non-profit organization Gender Friendly Campus that promotes gender equality in China, and how anthropology allows her to see the ‘small things’ and be attentive to each person’s  life experience.

(This episode is conducted in Cantonese.)


00’27 The beginning of the journay to Gender Studies

10’01 Queer women’s family-building in China

27’09 Working for Gender Friendly Campus promoting gender equality

48’39 Seeing things from the bottom-up

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