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KWONG Miu Ying, Allie

B.A. In Anthropology, CUHK, 2013
Home town: Hong Kong
Email: alliekwongmiuying’at’gmail.com

I love listening to others’ life stories and experiences, and anthropology is a discipline that can take these into research projects. Through anthropology, I get to know people who live very different lives with me, and to explore communities, groups or places that I was not previously aware of. I became more reflective of myself and the society we are living in through knowing the others.  Anthropology has taught me two important things: the importance of social relationships and the link between a person and the society. It urges me to be a humble person.

My current research project is on senses of life after death in South China, particularly in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. I am interested in exploring the link, if any, between how people envision life after death and how they understand their lives.

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