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TAM Man-kei

M.A. Anthropology in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2014
M. Phil. Sociology in the Hong Kong Baptist University, 2000
B. Eng. Information Engineering in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1994
Home town: Hong Kong
Email: tammankei’at’gmail.com

I am interested in Environmental Anthropology, Political Ecology, Science and Technology Studies (STS) and studies on social movement.  My current research focuses on nuclear technology.  I am interested to know how nuclear technology as a relational practice cuts through people’s life and experience at local scale and the politics it fosters at national and transnational scale. In my master’s research, I studied the question of agency and subjectivity in social movement through an ethnographic account of a street theatre group during Hong Kong’s handover in 1997.

Since 2005, I have worked with international environmental organizations such as Earthwatch and Greenpeace, addressing climate change, water and other environmental issues in Hong Kong and China. The experience is inspiring not only in professional sense – I become more appreciative of nature and biodiversity, and develop enthusiasm for trail running and marathon.

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