“They are not strangers”

29 October 2021

“They are not strangers”: researching on ethnic minorities in Hong Kong with Wai-man Tang

Wai-man Tang, a lecturer in the Department  of Anthropology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has been researching and working with ethnic minorities in Hong Kong for years. His doctoral dissertation studies the relationships between heroin use and transnational migration among the second and third generations of Nepalis in Hong Kong. He is currently studying a South Asian sport , kabaddi, and hopes to connect people of different ethnicities through conducting kabaddi classes for different social communities. In the interview, Wai-man talks about how his background shaped his views on marginalized groups in society. He then details the people and the stories he encountered in the fieldwork and the dynamics with different stakeholders, which evoked reflection on the relationship between researcher and the interviewees, among other challenges and situations encountered in anthropological research.

(The episode is conducted in English.)

00’52 Interest in anthropology and marginalized communities in society

19’55 Gay Christians in Hong Kong

24’50 Researching on Nepali drug users in Hong Kong

45’56 The role of anthropology and how to share cultural knowledge and build community through “Kabaddi

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