Archeology and Us - the World in a Broken Tile

22 November 2021

“Archeology and Us – the World in a Broken Tile” with Sharon Wong

The discovery of the Sacred Hill Site in the new Sung Wong Toi Station has aroused the public’s concern on conserving archaeological sites with historical importance. In this episode, we interviewed Assistant Professor Dr. Sharon Wong, who has devoted decades to archaeology and cultural heritage studies. Through investigating specific archaeological sites, relics, ruins and bones, Sharon digs into the local culture, history and human activities in the past, as well as the connections with the outside world. Sharon argues that understanding the past enables us to understand the present and the future, and it helps to construct our cultural identity.

(This episode is conducted in Cantonese.)

00’50 Introduction to archaeology and r research interest in South East Asia archaeology

21’41 What is archaeological studies and why is it important?

26’29 In search of Hong Kong history through the research on Sung Wong Toi Sacred Hill

46’42 How archaeology shapes the way of seeing the world

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