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SO Man Ying, Ranae
SO Man Ying, Ranae

MPhil Student

Educational qualification BSS. in East and Southeast Asian Studies, City university of Hong Kong
M.A. in Sociology, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Home town Hong Kong
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Ranae has a hybrid working experience in policy research, project coordination and social innovation consultancy. During 2010-2013, she visited the agricultural and craftsmen communities in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal to study the issues of poverty, inequality, economic market relations and community development initiatives when she worked in Fair Trade organization. She is also an experienced case worker and researcher to assist the Legislative Councillors and social groups to drive both legislative and policy adjustments, especially in the areas of town planning, land supply, waste reduction, sustainable agriculture and fishery, as well as bazaar economy.


Research interests:

Food system, Fair Trade, ethical consumerism, community-supported agriculture, fishing communities, environmental resilience and social innovation



“Marital Tie on Sea: Hong Kong Traditional Hoklo’s marriage”, Intangible Cultural Heritage Community-driven Project, funded by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong SAR Government (2019- current)



In 2020, she was nominated for the Spirit of Cultural Award in the 8th Spirit of Hong which is an annual campaign co-organized by South China Morning Post and Sino Group to celebrate the genuine spirit of charity, civic awareness and goodwill of these ordinary yet exemplary Hong Kong citizens.

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