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B.A. in Religious studies, Fudan University, 2012
Home town: Jiangsu, China
Email: lgqt2010’at’gmail.com

The most attractive aspect of Anthropology for me is its unique methodology. It offers us a good opportunity to understand people through their daily life, to know the reason why people do one thing rather than another. When something happens, instead of making judgment directly, anthropology teaches me to participate into the issue, to talk with the participants and to stand on both outsider and insider’s point of view to get the whole picture.

My current research interest is in the realm of Chinese folk religion, especially in those religious practitioners such as shamans and fengshui masters. In my hometown Jingjiang, shamans act as the medium between the living and spirit world and help clients to solve problems related to supernatural beings. Through analyzing the life experience of shaman as well as the consulting practices of their clients, I seek to learn how shamanism becomes a kind of resource for clients to solve their existential crisis.

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