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Lum Tin Wan

B.Sc.(Hons) in Biology, CUHK, 1974.
MA in Anthropology, CUHK, 2008.
Home town: Hong Kong
Email: ndclumtw”at”gmail.com

Through the challenging courses of Anthropology, I now know that people are very creative, constructing concepts such as ‘gender’, ‘ethnicity’, ‘nature’, ‘identity’, ‘human nature’, ‘worldview’ and even ‘reality’ to interpret everyday life. These social and cultural constructions are often disguised and represented as natural and unchangeable. 

As an early retired secondary school principal, I regret not having enrolled in this stimulating program in an earlier stage of my career.

I come, I study, I renew.”

After completing the M.A. program of Anthropology, I do have a feeling of renewal. The program is really demanding but surely rewarding!

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