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TONG Dik Wai, David

B.A. in Anthropology, CUHK, 2014
Home town: Hong Kong
Email: david.dikwai’at’gmail.com

I was first attracted to anthropology because of its broad scope. There is a wide range of anthropological researches covering different cultures and societies. After a short while, I realised that anthropology means more than the curiosity of ‘exotic’ cultures. Studying anthropology is a process full of inspirations and self-reflections – when we try to understand other’s life, we are also re-evaluating our own. Anthropology does not only train students to be more observant and insightful towards the surrounding social issues, it also leads us to reflect our own life and our close relations to this diverse and dynamic world.

During the research process of my undergraduate thesis on left-handedness, I discovered my research interests in bodily habits and the everyday life. My current research interests further include medical anthropology. I would like to study how the concepts and experiences of health and illness become part of people’s everyday life, and how such everyday experiences reflect the social, economic and political situation. I am now planning to conduct my research project on sleep and sleeplessness in Hong Kong, a subtle but presumably profound issue in this vibrant, highly urbanised city.

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