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TSE Hiu Hin, Alan

B.A. in Anthropology & Philosophy, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, 2012
Home town: Hong Kong
Email: tseh’at’cuhk.edu.hk

I am interested in political anthropology and social movements. My current research project, entitled “Contesting the Local: Identity Politics in Hong Kong” explores the emerging “local factions” (本土派) of social activism in Hong Kong. I seek to understand how different factions of activists construct the “Hongkonger” identity that fits with their political agenda.

I thoroughly enjoy my two years studying in CUHK. The small size of the department enables close interactions among teachers and students. The diverse cultural and academic background represented in the department is invaluable. I also appreciate the natural environment of CUHK campus and the long tradition of social engagement of its students.

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