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15 May 2023

DNA stores the genetic information of human beings, while stable isotopes record their living environments and sociocultural lives. Christina Cheung, Assistant Professor of the Department of Anthropology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, specializes in bioarchaeology and is keen on reconstructing the dietary habits and mobility patterns of our ancestors through stable isotope analysis, so as to address issues of gender, migration, subsistence economies, and humans/environment relationship. In the interview, she explains the principle and application of stable isotope analysis, and the archaeological discoveries of sacrificial pits in Yinxu, Bronze Age China in her PhD research.


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(This episode is conducted in Cantonese.)

00’50 Stable isotopes in archeology
19’25 Application of stable isotope analysis and bioarchaeology
33’25 Sex in archaeology and research on sacrificial pits in Yinxu
46’16 Teaching Archaeology in Hong Kong

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