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Email mankeitam@cuhk.edu.hk
Educational qualification PhD in Anthropology, CUHK 2018
MA in Anthropology, CUHK 2014
MPhil in Sociology, Hong Kong Baptist University 2000


Man-kei Tam (譚萬基) graduated in Anthropology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2018. He has an MA in Anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (2014) and a MPhil in Sociology from the Hong Kong Baptist University (2000). Titled Radioactive Citizens: Reassembling Life in Post-Fukushima Japan, his ethnography contemplates citizens’ capacity and self-empowering practices to forge trans-local links and engage the Japanese state in critical assessments of the risks of radiation, and thereby crucial measures in protecting their homes and resuming agriculture in a multispecies landscape where radioactive isotopes still linger. His research interests include Political Ecology, Science and Technology Studies, multispecies ethnography, and studies in social movements.

Since 2005, Man-kei has engaged in environmental activism in Asia through Greenpeace and Earthwatch. He was the Director of Amnesty International Hong Kong from 2019-2020.


2020–23 Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme, Research Grant Council, HKSAR

2013-14 Dean’s List, Faculty of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Selected Publications

2020 Enlivening Data: Reassembling Life in Post-Fukushima Japan. STS Encounters. Special Issue: Engaging the Data Moment. 11(1):199-226. 

Public Anthropology/ Op-eds

福島復興知学講義. 2021. 「原発危機は続いているが、絶望的ではない – 一度は放棄された福島の農地で農業を再開する」. 秋光信佳、溝口勝編. 東京大学出版会.

Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung. 2020. “The Nuclear Crisis Is Ongoing, Yet It’s Not Hopeless.”19 November. https://hk.boell.org/en/2020/11/19/nuclear-crisis-ongoing-yet-its-not-hopeless


Courses taught

ANTH 2380/UGEC 2950 Environmental Crises and Cultures of Survival (former title “The Environment and Culture”)

2021 “‘Skin of the Earth’: On Soil, Collaboration, and Temporality after Fukushima.” Friday Seminar. Department of Anthropology, Chinese University of Hong Kong. 9 April 2021.
2020 “Soil, Madei, Farmers: Temporalities of the Everyday After the Nuclear Fallout.” 16th European Association of Social Anthropologist Biennial Conference, “New anthropological horizons in and beyond Europe”. Virtual Lisbon conference, 20-24 July 2020.
2019 “Contaminated but Safe: Soil, Madei, and Farmers in the Altered Ecologies in Post- Fukushima Japan.” The 85th South Asia and Indian Ocean Studies Seminar. Kyoto University, 16 April, 2019.
2019 “Contaminated but Safe: Reassembling Life in Post-Fukushima Japan.” Workshop for Change: The Fukushima Effect—Nuclear Accidents, Official Responses and the Lives of People. Claremont McKenna College, 8 March, 2019.
2019 “Fukushima+Eight: Lessons from Citizen Science in Japan.” Environmental and Climate Justice Hub 2018-2019 “Residues of Harm” Series. University of California, Santa Barbara, 4 March 2019.
2018 “Radioactive Intimacies: Some Thoughts on Writing Human-Animal Interaction in an Altered Ecology.” Japanese Environmental Humanities in the Desert. University of California, Irvine, 10-13 December, 2018.
2018 “Co-constituting in an Altered Ecology: Radioactive Citizens in Post-Fukushima Japan.” 2018 Annual Conference of the Taiwan Society for Anthropology and Ethnology, “Transcendence and Return”. National Taitung University, 6 October, 2018.
2018 “Radioactive Citizens: Reassembling Life in Post-Fukushima Japan.” Political Ecology Network (POLLEN) Biennial Conference 2018, “Political Ecology, the Green Economy, and Alternative Sustainabilities”. Oslo Metropolitan University, 21 June, 2018.
2018 “Radioactive Citizens: Reassembling Life in Post-Fukushima Japan.” International Workshop on Environmental Humanities. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 10 April, 2018.
1997 “‘Pseudo-Hong Kong Citizen’: Discursive Strategy of the Hong Kong Citizens’ Alliance in Defense of Human Rights.” The Multi-Ethnic Literature in United States (MELUS), University of Hawaii (Manoa), “Multi-Ethnic Literature Across the Americas and the Pacific: Exchanges, Contestations, and Alliances.” April 16-20, 1997.
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