WANG Qianni

B.A. in Journalism, Southwest University, Chongqing, China. 2009
M.A. in China Studies, CUHK, Hong Kong, 2012
Home town: Henan, China
Email: rainbowrella125’at’gmail.com

My MPhil project is on public dance (guangchangwu) in mainland China and I did my fieldwork in Henan Province in 2013.  Through the lens of this grassroots dancing activity, I tried to touch some main anthropological themes including the transformation of space, disciplined body, and the dynamics behind social solidarity. Generally I am interested in the localization of anthropology in China, the transformation of family and the subjectivities of middle-aged women in contemporary Chinese society.

In the two years’ study in anthropology department, we read systematically about ethnicity-nation relations, cultural conflicts, globalization, gender and culture, modernity and etc. I especially have got deeper understanding towards those issues including minzu in China, rural migrant workers, the transformation of morality and “Chinese-ness.” I obtained an outsider’s perspective towards my original culture and became more understanding and respectful to other cultures. I have also benefited from the training towards “critical thinking”. Anthropology has changed my way to look at the world. I consider it positive as I learnt to avoid a quick conclusion and moral judgment, but try to make sense of everybody’s positions. For instance, the silent groups which anthropology speaks for need a more careful justification. Fieldwork is also one of the most enjoyable parts of the research as the interaction between informants and researcher is inspiring.

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