YUAN Changgeng

B.A. in English & Ethnology, Minzu University of China, 2008
M.A. in Ethnology, Minzu University of China, 2011
Home town: Shandong, China 
Email: ycg0451015’at’126.com

Witnessing the dramatic social transition of China in the past decades, I am interested in moral conflicts and subjectivity-remaking under the impact of post-socialist refiguration.  The keywords for my research interests are body, suffering (illness), morality, subjectivity, and post-socialism. To demonstrate contemporary social discourse on body/health and the fabrics of moral life, now I conducted fieldwork among chronic illness patients in a Chinese city. Before coming to Hong Kong, I got my master’s degree in Beijing, and my researching interests are on Chinese minorities. In my point of view, anthropology, especially the ethnographic approach, can help us to understand “China” as a complex whole and reveal juxtapositions of social contexts often covered by structural studies on processes. Following the life histories of different people from different cultural backgrounds, we can identify how individuals and social transitions are inescapably sutured.

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