Voice of Students

Man, Nga Lai, (Graduated in 2020)

Cultural Management is like a magician who turns intangible ideas into concrete plans.  Concerning the development of cultural and art administration in the future, our mission is to present culture effectively.  We are the mediators connecting arts and culture with public audience, so in-depth understanding on how art actually works will help a lot on managing and planning it. This programme provides me the knowledge and opportunities on developing my career path towards the arts and cultural field.

Compulsory courses offered by the programme link up theories with our daily life. The funny but informative way of teaching helps us master the knowledge. This programme also provides students with great freedom on course choices as many courses are offered by various departments in the Faculty of Arts, from which I am able to acquire different perspectives and understanding towards Hong Kong’s arts and culture.

Leong, Ka Hou, Kelvin (Graduated in 2017)
Studying Master of Science in Conservation, Faculty of Architechture, HKU

Cultural Management Programme is not only about how to manage, it also expanded my vision on understanding and exploring cultures. We have much freedom to take different courses, and express our thoughts in class. Only through real and thorough experiences could we fully understand the meanings and values of cultures, so as to present them with management strategies. I wish this programme could keep nurturing student the spirit as a cultural defender with the ability to think critically , and the respectfulness towards other cultures, so that graduates could contribute to both local and international cultural developments in this era.

Chan, Ying Hang, Harmony (Graduated in 2018) Internship in M+ Museum

I am so grateful to have my precious four years’ university life being spent in Cultural Management Programme which allows me to explore different knowledge about arts and culture. I used to believe that I would only be interested in Visual Art. However, at the end, I learnt more than I expected. I explored widely about art in different region and forms, deeply on how to influence the society through art.  Most importantly, I have learnt to embraces all possibilities that art and culture could bring us. For me, what I have learnt in these years is to open up myself to various possibilities and unknowns, and believing in what you are doing are the most important & meaningful things.